About Us

Delta Digit is a digital news media company which publishes news, gadget reviews, build guides, smartphone reviews, device comparison, price list regarding mobile phones, computer, laptops, desktop component, consumer electronics, science and engineering. We mainly focus on publishing articles, videos, news, review regarding technology, science and IT. Delta Digit publishes content over vast number of platforms including website, YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms.

Our aim is to give information to the readers about the subject and try to help them increase their knowledge and help them to choose products wisely. We do real full device review by using them and we also take information from internet, reviews from users, colleagues, market and merchants. We are very thankful to our readers and we thank our friends who helped me start this blog and help us to improve it. Our reviewers directly work with the companies, brands and manufacturers to serve original review of devices, information and direct news to our readers.

Our Story

Delta Digit was started in 2013 as a blogspot blog at deltadigit.blogspot.com then we moved to county code top level domain (CCTLD) that is deltadigit.info.np. After realizing the need to adopt the international market, deltadigit.com was obtained for service. The domain deltadigit.com was registered on 2015 3rd May. This is a very important day for us and for journalism as it is also World Press Freedom day. Since then, we are operating on this domain and with help of everyone and specially our well wishers, we plan to achieve new goals.

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